Who We Are

Cost-effective Innovators

Building appchain infrastructures with a focus on cost-effectiveness, delivering high-quality solutions within budget constraints.

Pioneers of Polygon Supernets Deployment

Leading the pack by swiftly deploying and managing Supernet 1.x in production, staying ahead with cutting-edge technologies.

Power of Partnerships

Forging strong ties with third-party tooling companies, seamlessly integrating essential tools to enhance appchain functionality.

Transparent Pricing Champions

Embracing a milestone-based pricing model, ensuring clear costs throughout the project, building trust and satisfaction.

Our Value Propositions

At our blockchain consulting firm, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for appchain infrastructure deployment that offer an array of distinct advantages to your blockchain projects. Our value proposition centers around scalability, customization, interoperability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness, empowering your applications with unparalleled potential.


Enhanced performance and increased throughput as applications no longer compete for block space, reducing fees and ensuring smooth user experience on the main network.

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Freedom to select preferred consensus mechanisms, governance structures, and economic models, enabling developers to design applications aligned with their vision.

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Tailor blockchain for precise regulatory compliance, ensuring control and security, reduce attack exposure by hosting limited applications, and simplify security audits with focused design, aiding vulnerability identification and robust measures.

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Experience unparalleled cost-effectiveness with our customizable gas token, granting control over running your appchain, optimizing costs, and ensuring exceptional user experiences.

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Foster seamless communication and value exchange across the broader network through common protocols and standards, promoting diversity and collaboration among applications.

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Unleashed Potential

Say goodbye to resource consumption worries and hello to streamlined, efficient appchain systems, enabling your projects to reach new heights of success with top-notch performance and reduced unpredictability of expenses.

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Who Are We Partners With

We proudly collaborate with industry-leading blockchain tooling providers, empowering the pinnacle of business and blockchain technology.